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GSA in wealth management summit

GSA at the Wealth Management & Private Banking Summit

GSA is attending the Wealth Management & Private Banking Summit - Russia & CIS | Adam Smith 8th International Summit on 26 - 27 April 2017 at the Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow, Russia.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Sea Food

Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in Sustainable Farm-Raised Seafood Project

Environmental hero Leonardo DiCaprio wants to change the way you eat seafood.

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Hijab now allowed on Grenada's Passport

Hijab allowed on Grenada's passport

Government of Grenada now allows female muslim applicants to keep their hijab for their Grenada passport photos if hairline, ears and forehead are completely visible.

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GSA opening in Grenada

GSA at the Dubai Investment Immigration Summit

GSA attended the Dubai Investment Immigration Summit on 28 February 2017 in UAE.

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Grenada Citizenship, become a citizen of Grenada by investing in Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture project

Be part of a limited and exciting Citizenship by Investment opportunity

Our team specialises in helping you plan your citizenship and global mobility, with our innovative, and tailor made investor projects and services. Our high-caliber planning specialists will enable you to take your next steps towards securing your own and your family's future with confidence and peace of mind.

Grenada citizenship benefits include:

  • Citizenship Certificate and Passport normally issued 60 business days after application
  • Investment securely made upon approval less reservation deposit
  • Visa Free travel to over 120 countries including the UK, Schengen states, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China
  • Possibility to obtain E2 investor visa or 10 year multiple entry visa to the United States
  • No educational or language requirement
  • Lifetime citizenship
  • Dual citizenship allowed
  • Citizenship for dependent family members such as Spouse, Children up to 25 years old and parents.
  • Beautiful island to reside and vacation in -Growing economic market
  • Generous tax regime, no taxation on wealth, inheritance, foreign income or capital gains

TED Talks | The case for fish farming

We differentiate and here is why

  • We offer tax advice by international tax accounting and legal firms for corporations and individuals as well as family offices
  • We can offer world preferred relationships and partnerships with international law firms
  • We can provide expert advice about relocation
  • Guaranteed 5 year investment buy back with third party assurance
  • We can offer an insurance wrapper for the investment thereby providing tax freedom in your tax resident country.
  • One year complimentary world wide health insurance offered to investors and shareholders through our partnership with Premier Assurance Group

Grenada's prime minister’s welcome note

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the islands of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique, this triad of countries that I am honoured to lead. My Cabinet recognises the importance and the opportunity that private enterprise and investment have on the growth of our country’s economy. We have restructured, redeveloped, and re-launched the programme and have implemented an overarching policy, which encourages increased new private investment.

We have launched a Citizenship by Investment Programme aimed at generating and creating access to foreign direct investment. The Government is working closely with a select number of tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing-related businesses to create investment opportunities through the Citizenship by Investment Programme for the generation of sustainable employment.

When visitors come to our country and experience the towering array of forested mountains, the golden sunshine, the leisure-filled beaches, the rainbow-crowned ocean skyline, the seven sisters’ waterfalls, and other beautiful areas of Grenada, they leave with a life lasting impression.

On behalf of the Government and the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, I invite you to explore all that Grenada has to offer. The Government of Grenada fully supports this Citizenship by Investment Programme and we welcome qualified investors to join us and to benefit from the long-term development and prosperity prospects of this magnificent country.

Dr the Right Honourable Keith C. Mitchell
Prime Minister

Source: Grenada Citizenship by Investment